>Tech Startups Don’t Need the Valley Unless They Need VC


Tech Startups Don’t Need the Valley Unless They Need VC [Source: Gigaom]


Technopole: a location with plenty of venture capital, a highly educated workforce, ancillary and support businesses, a research university in close proximity, a climate conducive to business ventures, and a pleasant atmosphere for raising a family.

But is venture capital really required? Is growing fast and growing big really a condition for technology startups?

Business founders and consultants suggest that the days of reliance upon the Bay Area (San Francisco Bay) may be numbered. Educated people of entrepreneurial spirit can be found around the world, from Madison, Wisconsin to Beijing, China.

Entrepreneurs are also looking for ways to balance family life, and women entrepreneurs are finding ways around the startup culture found in Silicon Valley.

The United States government should foster the grow of technopoles beyond those that exist today. Distributing technopoles around the country helps lessen the reliance upon few center of technology, helps distribute the possible wealth of such a location, helps distribute talented people, and assists in dispersing the technology infrastructure of the country.

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