Movie Review: “Blood Car”

Let’s hope our love for driving does not come to this…

blood carWhen I was a kid, I would use my imagination to build a rocket-launcher. My rocket-launcher wouldn’t deliver an explosive charge. No, I didn’t really want to kill anyone. I simply wanted them to suffer some form of humiliation. My rocket-launcher delivered poop & ketchup missiles, or poop & spaghetti & ketchup missiles, or poop & gravy & peas missiles. 

Like me, Archie is an inventor, too. With a gallon of gasoline near $40, no one drives. Kids walk to school, or skateboard, or roller-blade, or bike. Imagine that. Roads are empty. Cars sit parked along streets. Too expensive to go any where. As a robber would note late in the movie, “a getaway car is too expensive. It’s like $450 to fill the tank up!”

Archie is trying to develop a fuel alternative using wheat grass. Lorriane (Anna Chlumsky, “Fly Away Home”), gladly sells him wheat grass juice, and fantasizes about her and Archie being together, in the Biblical sense, one day.

A freak mishap while working on his wheat grass fuel leads Archie down the path to mayhem, animal sacrifice for the good of humanity, and murder.

Now, that he has a running car, he is a near-celebrity. A celebrity, at least, to the local trollops, who go out of their way to score a ride in a real, moving car, even if it is a POS Honda Civic. 

Only problem is that his celebrity is based on his moving car, and his moving car is fueled by the blood of any living creature he can crush into his trunk/fuel manufacturing unit.

“Blood Car” is raunchy, and blood-soaked. Lots of swearing and creative cursing. Images that will no doubt offend even the most inoffendable person. But, this is an indie film, and no one other than Anna Chlumsky is notable. The movie is not about the blood or gore, its about how far people are willing to go to drive, and how much energy we invest in our cars, and the choices we make between what we want and the environment. 

Yeah, the movie has a message; a blood-drenched,sticky-icky, hilariously cruel, sadistically sad, and buttery uncomfortable message.

Not a movie for everyone. While rated NR, I would rate it NC-17.

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