>Lets Circumvent the Geneva Conventions

>GOP hopes to parlay deal on detainees

Let’s take a quiz: In what country can you be arrested, detained indefinitely, and have any combination of the following happen?
a) Be delivered into the hands of another country
b) Be tortured
b) Have what you say under duress be used against you
c) Not be allowed to see the evidence against you
d) Have heresay evidence used against you
e) Have your rights as provided under the Geneva Convention ignored
f) Be tried and convicted without being present (even though you are detained)
g) The individuals torturing you have immunity from prosecution, should, say, be terminated while being questioned.

Your Choices Are:
1) Iran
2) Syria
3) North Korea
4) Venezuela
5) The United States

And the answer (if the Senate had capitulated and given the White House what it desired) is:
The United States, our self-described bastion of fairness, democracy, life, liberty, and happiness.

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