>The Dog Gets Humped by U.S. Marshalls


Andrew Luster is a sociopath. The heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune was convicted and found guilty of 84 acts of drugging, rape, and abuse of women over a 4-yr time period. He is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison.

Thanks to Duane “The Dog” Chapman, the world’s most famous bounty hunter. Dog, his brother, Tim, and son, Leland, went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and hauled his worthless ass back to the U.S. to face his punishment for his crimes. Apparently, Mexico didn’t think this guy was very important. They didn’t arrest and help extradite this piece of human garbage, one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Felons, at the time.

But when Mexico starts barking for The Dog, our law enforcement agencies were sure quick to roll over and hand him over, doing for Mexico what Mexico wouldn’t do for us. Apparently, vigilante justice, AKA Bounty Hunting, is illegal in Mexico. The Dog, his brother, and son, now look at 6 months to 4 years in a Mexican prison. If convicted, it would be a safe bet that one of those three won’t walk out. Mexico’s prisons are quite unlike their touristy places.

Why did this happen?

First, as I stated earlier, Bounty Hunting in Mexico is illegal, at least the parts where you conspire to hold someone(s), then actively engage in holding that person against his/her/their will is concerned. Secondly, the statute of limitations is nearing expiration. Dog arrested Luster in 2003, the statute of limitations is 3-4 yrs (the record on this is unclear), so I guess the Mexican authorities decided to act while they could. Third, this could be a case of Quid Pro Quo. The United States wants a drug kingpin bad, the main guy that has been pushing drugs under the tunnels in So. California and Arizona. We give the Mexicans The Dog, they give us the Drug Lord.

Sounds fair, huh? We give them a guy that pulls criminals off the streets, and get a high profile drug kingpin in return, someone Mexico should give us regardless, if they are really interested in curbing the drug trade.

Visit The Dog, sign the petition and voice your support.

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