>Ridiculous Rendition Rendered

>Rendition Rendered – Yahoo! News

Ok, so let me get this straight: President Bush establishes the membership of the Axis of Evil. I think it goes something like this: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, and Iraq. These countries the government feels are developing WMDs for use, directly or indirectly, against the United States.

However, it appears that lately, the United States and its allies can bend the rules in order to take advantage of lax rules regarding the humane treatment of detainees. So, we send detainees off to where? One of the Axis of Evil countries, Syria. What?

First, denials of rendition and secret CIA prisons. Then, yes, we do have secret CIA prisons. Why? Because our normal legal system won’t work against such diabolical enemies that we have to make up a new legal system as we go along, without worldwide scrutiny.

As if that is not bad enough, the United States engages in the services of a country (Syria) whom we are not fond of for extracting “intelligence.” Can “intelligence” be an oxymoron in this case? And, as it turns out, the man was innocent. Ten months spent in a Syrian prison. For being a Muslim, on a Watch List.

Do you know who else was with him on the Watch List? His son, who is around 16 months old. But I can understand this. Anyone who has changed a diaper knows that it could easily be mistaken for a biological weapon.

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