>Mexico faces criticism over swine flu response


Mexico faces criticism over swine flu response

This kid is obviously not wearing his filter mask. I’m pretty sure this is how the disease is spread, as well as hoof-to-mouth disease, botulism, and whatever else filthy buggers are contained in this swine’s mucous.

I constantly marvel that we made it as a species. As children, we eat dirt, play with our own pooh, lick animals, vegetables, and minerals, stick non-food substances in our mouths, and yet we live. Each generation is stronger than the last. After I get done typing on strange keyboards, I usually lick my fingers clean, just to make sure I expose myself to as many microbes as possible, thereby ensuring my survival when others succumb to germs that Germ-X won’t kill. Or, I’ll die from something that kills me, thereby proving Nietzsche correct.

The spread of SWINE flu – which after listening to NPR today appears to be a misnomer, as the new virus seems to be comprised of equal components of swine DNA, bird DNA, and human DNA – will be a good case study for the SPATIAL DIFFUSION. Strange brew that is.

CONTAGIOUS DIFFUSION will occur when healthy people come into contact with infected people. AAChhooo! Pucker up, buttercup!

HIERARCHICAL DIFFUSION will occur as the infection moves from Mexico City into the surroundings.

RELOCATION DIFFUSION will occur as people return from holiday in Mexico to their homes in California, New York, and elsewhere, bringing the virus back with them. Unfortunately, viruses do not carry passports.

EXPANSION DIFFUSION will occur as people move out of the core, or source region, to adjacent regions, spreading the disease as they travel.

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