>Can You Spot the Hidden Heart Dangers


 Can You Spot the Hidden Heart Dangers?


Ok, the day is late, or early, depending on your perspective, but I want to get this article noted. Once we get past how we need to watch our mouth health, the author notes several heart factors that include considerable geography.

The Fourth (4) Hidden Danger deals with race. Many minority groups have an increased risk of heart disease. Even within race, minority women within certain ethnic groups might have a higher risk than others.

Where you live can have a part in heart disease. Women who live in low-income neighborhoods tend to have a higher incidence of heart disease. People that do not have access to sidewalks, walking trails, or parks tend to have a higher incidence of heart disease. Neighborhoods that do not have amenities to support or encourage active lifestyles tend to have residence that have higher levels of heart disease. Neighborhoods with a cluster of fast-food restaurants and convenience stores also have higher rates of heart disease.

The gender of your doctor may make a difference in whether your risk for heart disease is assessed. Women doctors tend not to consider age.

Finally, what we eat can indicate a risk for heart disease. Fish is a common protein high in omega-3s that help remove blood fat. Tuna, salmon, and mackeral are good sources of protein, have important and sensitive habitats, and in the case of salmon, are potentially being over-fished.

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