This is a Beta application. Sounds interesting, promising. One of my larger concerns is the ability of students to write, to construct one meaningful sentence after another. Furthermore, I am concerned that students do not know how to document a source, or if they realize the source needs to be documented, knowing how to do so correctly.

A tagline on the site says, “Plagiarizing gets you an F.” We use “E,” and undocumented sources in papers written for my class will earn a zero, which is different than an E. A student could still earn points with an E. An E could be anything less than 60 points or greater than 1 pt. I give zeros.

The application sounds promising in that services are offered to help students write better and avoid problems associated with plagiarism. Sounds almost too good to be true.

I have asked for a Beta invitation to try it out, perhaps to recommend to my students, and use myself if it appears useful.

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