>Leica & TITAN

>I downloaded, installed, and played with TITAN the other day. Honestly, I cannot see the utility of this, but it sounds like a cool tool.

TITAN is like Google Earth with an Instant Messenger and P2P built-in, and you have the ability to share your local imagery with others in your contact list. So, I guess, imagine that your are chatting online with a partner, client, collaborator, whoever, and you want the other person to see your data. Essentially, you would drag-and-drop your imagery (more-or-less) onto your chat client, and, wah-lah, your chat buddy can see your imagery, correctly referenced, on a viewer on his/her/its desktop.

You can build your own world, MyWorld, which you can share with your chat buddies. Want to see what others are doing? Search other MyWorlds to see what others are up to.

I hope I have this correct. I have interviewed a person at Leica and if you follow the link above, you can find out more.

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