Thomas Friedman’s Flat World

The World Is Flat” should be required reading for every incoming college Freshman in the United States. We, the United States, is in BIG trouble. One, we are ignorant of the global forces at work around us. We are arrogant and see ourselves as The Bastion of Hope and Democracy. We are not. An arguement can be made that we are Exporters of Fear and Aggression. Our government focuses on the War on Terrorism, closing our borders, fencing us in, denying access to those that would come here to work, to help, to learn.

We are the largest weapons merchant on the globe. Our government currently proposes to sell $30 billion worth of weapons to Egypt and Saudi Arabia to counter Iran.

We do not have to be in BIG trouble. We are also a country with a wealth of knowledge and ample opportunites for people to learn, live, grow, and to set forth the example of Hope and Democracy upon which our way of life was founded.

Unfortunately, our current administration suffers from paranoid delusions and uncontrollable fear.

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