>Who Fears Berserkistan?

> Lesser Berserkistan, of course!

Sorry, Gary T. I didn’t get your permission to post. I do think that your treatment of these events hit home, however.

Let’s form a sub-committee to investigate the deaths of hundreds, thousands, millions of people, e.g. Sudan/Darfur, Rwanda. Particularly while it is happening. Oh, yeah, while we are at it, I think we need a sub-committee to investigate human-trafficking, as well. We could probably have a 700-1,000 page report out in about 3 years. Then, we could engage Congress to act, and maybe in a couple years, have a resolution to oppose human trafficking. Over the course of the next decade or so, we could put out posters, emails, radio and TV blurbs encouraging people to cut down on their human-trafficking. In 50 years or so, human-trafficking might be as wide-spread as polio is today.

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