>An Indian Jaguar

>Tata chosen as top bidder for Jaguar, Land Rover

I know Ford Motor Company has been trying to make itself more profitable. Ford has been shedding people and trying to focus on maintaining market share against Toyota. In this article, Tata Motors of India has been identified as the new owner of Jaguar and Land Rover.

The traditional British brands were purchased by the American car maker in 1989 and 2000. Culturally, this is not a big change. Now, it looks as if the South Asian subcontinent will be the new international home of two premier auto brands.

Tata is an interesting story in and of itself. Tata is invested in many different economic sectors throughout India, especially metals. Recently, Tata announced that it would begin production of a very inexpensive auto, priced around $2,500US. Many in the Global Climate Change tribe are concerned about this. The new autos are not expected to be very economically friendly. Secondly, the shear numbers of potential new drivers would put even more strain on a fragile environment.

India is working on improving its road network, but this is literally almost a case of putting the cart before the horse.

I look forward to seeing how this new auto relationship evolves.

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