>Google + YouTube = GoogleTube

>GoogleTube – that is my word for what happens when you allow people to geotag their videos. I have been ranting about this for about a month, since classes began. Which is funny, as I had no idea this was in the works at YouTube, as my site visits to YouTube can be counted on one hand.

The idea of geotagging videos came to me in my sleep one night. Prior to teaching my geography class for that night, I checked my mailbox and found a brochure for geography videos. The costs of these videos was outrageous; $200 for a 20-yr old video. Forget it! Neither I nor my department(s) have money to shell out for a 15-minute that is two decades old.

Anyway, it dawned on me that when university faculty travel to some place, they ought to take a DV recorder with them, video something that could be educational, and post it to YouTube. No more than 5-10 minutes, keeping it short, and focusing on one theme or topic.

Now, that is possible through Google Earth and YouTube. Excellent!

Now, get busy everyone! DV the earth!

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