>Michael Yon: Embedded Blogger in Iraq

>Michael Yon was featured on NPR yesterday. At his own personal expense, he has embedded himself in the U.S. Army as an independent correspondent, photographer, etc. He is working on a book of his experience, and has several pictures posted on his blog.

I have skimmed his postings and they ready very well, in my opinion, despite being published “RUB.”

Keeping ourselves apprised of situations around the world is important for us to do as American citizens. It is our money and our lives that travel abroad, in the service of our government, and therefore it is our responsibility to hold those we elect accountable and responsible. This seems to be Michael Yon’s mission, to clarify and verify news that issues from Iraq and the immediate region.

According to one comment, Michael’s site cannot be viewed by servicepeople abroad, as his site has been blocked by the DoD. Maybe because he called the violence in Iraq a “civil war” a year before our news media identified it as such.

Independent voices are important. Otherwise, we all end up drinking our own Kool-Aid.

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