>A Country Called Europe

>I like this title better than the original title, “It’s the end of Britain as we know it”. My title is not accurate, but neither is CSM’s. However, we are both heading in the same direction.

The European Union is growing closer to becoming “a country” by my estimates. Europe has been evolving towards a “union” since 1950, when the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)was established. Later, in 1957, the Treaty of Rome would create the European Economic Community, otherwise known as the Common Market.

In 1973, an additional three countries would join the original six charter members of the ECSC. The ECSC would then become known as the European Union. Greece, Spain, and Portugal would soon follow.

I don’t mean to provide a chronology here, and I am not going to. For these countries to cooperate serves all European countries. The issues that stand before them are numerous. The reality is that for each country to thrive, each must recognize interdependence on the others. How does a country then thrive in the face of differences? So many languages, different religions, different economic cultures and climates and stages or levels of development.

The European Union seeks to provide such a structure, to encourage growth, yet maintain fair and equitable practices across a diverse region.

In essence, it is almost as if a Federal Republic is evolving across Europe. Each province, e.g. Germany, has autonomy to conduct business, have local elections, etc., but must adhere to EU business rules in the process. Very analogous to our Federal system: our U.S. states are analogs to EU countries. Our states have given sovereignty over to our Federal government, in terms of defense, monetary policy, etc.

In many ways, Europe has been set forth as the ‘grand old man’ of the world. In regards to the EU, the United States has appeared to have been at the forefront.

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