>Movie Review: Charlie Wilson’s War

>Who says one man can’t make a difference?

Okay, well, a lot of people say that. What happens when one person tells another that they CAN make a difference, but they have to go to Pakistan first?

What you get, at least in this case, is the US proxy war against the Russians, with Afghanistan the battlefield, and the Afghanis the army.

At the onset of hostilities between the Russians and the Afghanis, just what was the US foreign policy? Uh … well … we don’t have one, sir. Not exactly true. Our plan, at least according to the CIA Section Chief in Pakistan, was to let the Russians keep killing Afghanis until they completely run out of ammunition. Okay … what happens when we run out of Afghanis and the Russians still have bullets?

Not really fair for the Afghanis, particularly when the Russians do not belong there, and hundreds of thousands of Afghanis are living in squalor in refugee camps in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Russians are picking apart cities, villages, and outposts with impunity. Not a fair fight.

Charlie Wilson, a senator from Texas‘ 2nd district, is an interesting character, more ethical and moral than he lets on. His heart is in the right place, let’s put it that way. His mind, however, is engaged in more carnal pursuits. Encouraged by the 6th most wealthy woman in Texas, he visits Pakistan. The Pakistanis think the US assistance in the region is a joke. The Afghanis were given military assistance by the US – WWI issue rifles and ammo – which has no effect on Russian armor. The Pakistanis ask Charlie to visit the refugee camps before his departure.

What he sees changes him, changes his mind, gives him raison d’etre for bringing down the Russians. Working with a rouge CIA operative, Charlie gets U.S. support and begins the takedown of the Russia military, via Afghani rebels.

But at what cost?

Gust has some interesting insight at the movie’s end, weaving in some Zen. Make sure and listen to it.

The crazies come back to Afghanistan.

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