The United White States of America

The Associated Press is currently running this article. The New York Times picked it up today; I am sure others are to follow. Apparently, gun sales are up, as well are threats against those who support Barack Obama.

It seems as if “Whitey,” and by Whitey I am lumping myself into that group simply because I am a White person, is nervous about a black man being president. Or president-elect. To be clear, I am not nervous about Mr. Obama being President. I welcome him, in fact.

Over the last decade or so, lots of commentary has revolved around whether or not racism, true racism exists in the good ol’ USA. No, we are too far removed from the days of slavery, some would argue. People of color are completely at ease in the US.

The problem with this is that “people of color,” Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or South Asians, are saying, No, this is not the case. But we, meaning White people, and maybe some well-intentioned minorities are saying these comments were coming from disgruntled people who were at fault themselves for becoming disenfranchised from the US.

Someone ran down our street, pulling up the Obama/Biden signs, wadding them up, throwing them in the drainage ditch in my yard. I straightened them back out and set them back where they came. When my neighbor’s McCain/Palin signwas uprooted, I went over and put it back in place.

Folks, this is not the United White States of America. It is not the United States of White America. This is not the United Christian States of America. Nor is it the United Christian White States of America.

This is not an autocracy (well, it is, obviously) of old, White, rich men. The country was not supposed to be an autocracy of old, White, rich, men. Religion was not supposed to the basis of our government. Nor was gender. Nor was race. The only true stipulations were a president has to be born in the USA, and has to be 40 years old.

The people voted, and Barack won. Therefore, let his victory stand and stand behind the President.

After all, Barack won, so God wanted him to win. Right?

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