>Haute Cuisine: The Guinea Pig

Americans have really weird eating habits. Just ask the rest of the world. They will tell you. What, no grasshoppers on the menu? Horse? Do you have horse? No horse? What kind of place are you running here? I guess that means dog is out of the question, then, huh?

The greater portion of the world has to find protein, in any of its variety of forms. And carbohydrates, those are important, too. Both can be a challenge to find in large and easily domesticated forms around the world.

In smaller forms, though, protein and carbohydrates are pretty accessible, if, you are raised in a culture that is not squeamish about eating creatures that are small and have more than four legs, or, the gag reflex can be surpressed, or, the anthropomorphised cuteness factor can be overcome. Americans, generally, do not fall into any of these categories.

In a recent Salon post, the author quoted a staggering figure: that Peruvians eat 65 million guinea pigs last year. I cannot imagine 65 million guinea pigs, let alone eating 65 million guinea pigs. Supposedly, they taste like chicken, of course.

Americans eat Guinea fowl, hens, so why not pigs?

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