>Movie Review: Dirty Pretty Things


dirty pretty things

First, let me begin by saying this: the movie is not about smut. The title is slightly misleading. So, if you were hoping it was risqué, you will be very disappointed.

Now that is out of the way, let us move on.

The movie poses a number of interesting questions, the most serious one being perhaps, “if you are an illegal alien in a country and you witness a crime, how do you go about reporting?” Another question might be concerned with, “how far are you willing to go to fulfill your dreams?” A third question involves risk, “should I risk my legal status to help someone illegal?”

I would guess these questions arise frequently within the United States. Our movie takes place in London, in a West London hotel. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays, Okwe, an illegal Nigerian immigrant (aside: Firefly fans will know him as the “Operative”) who discovers a human heart in a toilet. Audrey Tautou plays, Senay, a legal Turkish Muslim immigrant (aside: Da Vinci Code fans will know her as Agent Sophie Neveu) and Okwe’s roommate.

What happens subsequent to finding the heart in the toilet opens us to the world of danger in which many legal and illegal people find themselves living. Smart, intelligent people can become victimized through their legal status within a country. Native citizens can act immorally or unethically while illegals try to act ethically and morally.

Many scenes are disturbing to watch, and should be. These scenes are not contrived to communicate a message; these scenes play themselves out in the real world everyday, around the world, wherever desperate people connect with people willing to capitalize on that desperation. Movies like this help bring that point home.

Obviously, I recommend this movie.

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