>Young Americans Increasingly Diverse, Census Finds – NYTimes.com

>Young Americans Increasingly Diverse, Census Finds

Actually, the title of this article should read, “America is Less White Than 10 Years Ago.” Something like that.

That American is less White than in the past should come as no surprise. White America reflects the same lack of population growth that Europe is experiencing. White America is generally more affluent, more wealthy, than other ethnic groups. I say, “generally,” as there are numerically more White poor in the United States than of any other ethnic group, but represent a smaller portion of the White population.

With that affluence comes a different set of economic decisions. White people tend to achieve higher levels of education. They make choices regarding their incomes; rather than having children, they travel. They save for retirement. They buy a nicer car, a larger house, a nicer house, a second house.

In choosing to have fewer children, the White population no longer represents the same proportion of the overall U.S. population from 10 years ago.

Mississippi, Virginia, New Jersey, and Louisiana all experienced drops in the “under 18” White population .

In fact, according to demography Kenneth Johnson at the University of New Hampshire, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics accounted for 79% of national population growth in the 10 years between 2000 and 2009.

Due to the disparity in growth rates among ethnic groups, young Whites are now the minority populations in 10 states.

That translates this way – with a large, older White population, will U.S. residents be willing to educate a population that looks less like themselves?

If you read “Comments” on Yahoo News, or other media sources, people broadcast their ignorance about these cultural changes.

These cultural changes have little to do with immigration. These cultural changes have far more to do with the center of wealth being in White America, and those members doing something other than having children.

Blacks, and Hispanics have larger families than White families. In some ways, these larger families act as the financial support system that Whites do not need, as again, Whites are much better off financially than other ethnic groups.

And, we are not talking strictly about discrete ethnic groups, either. People mingle, date, and marry people from other ethnic groups. The numbers of mixed-race children is also on the rise.

Lots of demographic changes have taken place over the last decade.

However, those changes are simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg as what is in store for America over the next 10 years.

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