>Companies Can Make A Difference


Change the manufacturing culture – that is what Apple, Inc. has opted to do with its foreign contractors. Force these manufacturing facilities to police themselves better, or risk losing Apple’s business.

Pay the local wage. Improve the ventilation systems. Make sure underage workers are in school. Reduce or eliminate worker abuse.

The Apple team was confronted with a bribery attempt, and ran across episodes of managers coaching workers prior to the arrival of the Apple Team.

Apple, when they toured the manufacturing facilities, brought suicide prevent teams, counselors, along. This action to address concerns, particularly at Foxconn, where suicides have been problematic.

Apple took this action of its own accord, with great attention to detail. Apple then published a list of its findings and methods taken to correct behaviors.

Other companies could do the same thing, and hold foreign factories accountable. Most U.S. corporation do not own the means of production abroad, but we can opt to take our business elsewhere. Thus, we can influence others to make good choices.

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