>How Well Do You Know the United States?




One of the best ways to learn about the United States is too look at Census Statistics, or to look at U.S.A Trade data.

Why do we call the region south of the Ohio River the Bible Belt? How do we know people are moving to the Southwest? If you want to live around rich people,where should you relocate to? If you want to open or perhaps you run a chain of daycare centers, where might you want to focus your attention?

The U.S Census Bureau operates a fun blog. The chart at right is from this blog. Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of the U.S.Bureau and the work they do, these writings are derived from their statistical findings, such as an examination in the growth of Native American-owned businesses. Several of their most recent offerings chart residential changes in post-Katrina New Orleans.

And, they also diverge from the purely demographic to the esoteric, like charting the increase in Dental Floss imports from 2006.

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