Politics are Comical; Comics are Political

Controversy can work in positive ways by drawing attention to a situation or circumstance thereby enticing people to begin discussions. A recent Fox News segment castigated Marvel Entertainment and the creative team behind Captain America. Already raked over the coals for transitioning Captain America from a White male to a younger Black male, Marvel allowed the new Sam Wilson Captain America to jump into the deep end of the culture pool by going after a militia group.

The Fox News Collective has never been known to have their heads screwed on straight, and yet again by opening their mouths place their ignorance on full display for the world to consider.

Comic books and politics are inseparable. This is not a debatable point. All one needs do is a few minutes of internet research and the connection between should crystallize. In this post from another blog, I provide a few nuggets any interested person might use to solidify any doubt they might have about whether or not comics has anything to do with politics or culture, in general.

Comic Shop Stories

I listen to Geeks Guide to the Galaxypodcast weekly. On a recent drive to Hopkinsville, Kentucky I listened to Episode 173, “Queers Destroy Horror.” Gay and lesbian guests discussed topics surrounding LGBTQ characters in horror fiction and movies, the premise of the show title being that somehow being queer detracts from horror, or from science fiction, or from fantasy, and that being queer means never being accepted in the “mainstream” SF/F/H culture. The queer crowd embraces this sentiment then mocks it, both recognizing some people hold the work of queers as unworthy, yet realizing many mainstream writers are queer, so the title is also an “in your face, mainstream bigots!” admonishment.

One of the guests made a comment I’m going to paraphrase. She said something to the effect of, “I get emails frequently telling to stop injecting politics and social commentary and themes into my writing. Or, readers will…

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