>Geography on TV: Crusoe

>A modern treatment of an old story has made its way to television. Crusoe, a new offering on NBC, depicts the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a man washed up on an isolated, uninhabited island after his ship sinks.

Crusoe is based on Robinson Crusoe, a novel written in 1719 by Daniel Dafoe. The island in that story was off the coast of Venezuela. The novel may have been inspired by the true story of a fellow named Alexander Selkirk. Selkirk’s island was in the Pacific, a lonely little place called Mas a Tierra.

Haven’t seen the show; don’t know if it is good or not. The show is filmed in the Seychelles. And in South America. And in the United Kingdom. The string of islands can be found of the east coast of Africa, north of Madagascar.

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