>Boundaries, People, Boundaries!

>Bangladesh-Burma (Myanmar) maritime boundary dispute escalates – Christian Science Monitor

Look at the “A.” That is the location of St. Martin’s Island, used as a reference in the article.

Now, draw an imagery line southwest (who knows what bearing), and the endpoint of that line ends up being near the bottom of the image.

Installing chain-link fences is hard to do in the ocean; they tend to drift away; corrode, then drift away. Forget about drawing a line, those tend to dissolve. What are we supposed to do in order to play in our yard, and stay out of the neighbor’s?

We should hire surveyors to draw, or paint, lines in our yard so that we don’t accidentally plant trees in our neighbor’s yard, or dig in our neighbors, or suck oil out from under our neighbor’s yard. Especially oil. Saddam invaded Kuwait, thinking that they were drilling in his yard.

In this article, oil rears its slimy head. Burma is looking for offshore oil reserves. Bangladesh went out to look and to see why its neighbor is prowling around. Somebody will have to go in and help the two figure out where the fence is supposed to go. Bangladesh and Burma – I mean, “Myanmar,” (jeez, those military junta guys are touchy about their name) – will have to adjust their GPS units to make sure everyone plays nice.

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