>What if … The Rotating Presidency of America


European Union to Be Led by Former Soviet Satellite – NYTimes.com

Here is an interesting idea: What if the United States had a rotating presidency?

Read the article above, then get back here and read this.

From the article we learn that the European Union has a rotating presidency. Right now, everyone’s favorite European, and husband to model/singer Carla Bruni, Nikolas Sarkozy is running the show. Come January 1st, the reins will be passed to the Czech Republic. And, of course, we all know that the Czech Republic is a lapdog of Russia. Not really, just trying to be funny.

Can you imagine what this country would be like if we had a rotating presidency? Instead of campaigning for two years and spending millions of dollars, U.S. leadership would pass from one state to the next each six months. That means that Texas, Arkansas, and California would be disqualified for this year’s election.

Obama, from Illinois, would definitely qualify, and McCain would qualify, too, being from Arizona.

Throw the 47 remaining states into a hat and then someone draws the next state the leads the nation. Say that Obama wins the election; in July, McCain would take over. In January, though, someone would need to remove Illinois and Arizona from the hat, and pick from the remaining 45 states.

The process would continue every six months until all states have had a chance to lead the country. Then, all states go back into the hat.

Sounds equitable to me.

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