Cyber Spy Network with Global Reach Raises Alarms |

Cyber spy network with global reach raises alarms
[Source: Christian Science Monitor]

I’m sorry but to me news like our CSM article here is not news. I am not surprised China, whether sanctioned or not, is trying to hack computers globally. And the correct term is “crack” and not “hack.” Hacking involves coding – programming.

Next thing we know, we will have an expose on “Bears That Crap in the Woods,” or exclusive tantalizing photos of “The Pope and His Hat.”

The United States attempts to penetrate foreign government servers, and foreign governments, and yes, even our alleged allies try to penetrate our government servers.

Eastern Europe, Romania, Hungaria, Croatia, Belarus, and, oh, yes, Russia. Lots of Russia would like to crack into U.S. computer networks. Just ask Estonia. They are frequently on the receiving end of Russia cyberattacks.

I would not be surprised if a NATO country or two wouldn’t be trying to get in to our computer networks. Or Israel.

South Koreans have been implicated in cyber attacks. And North Korea just goes without saying. They probably have people working day and night, eating small bowls of rice, attacking foreign governments.

As for this report being a wake-up call, what group of nitwits is asleep at the switch? (pardon the pun) The U.S. government should be awake and monitoring our networks 24/7/365.

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