>Source of the Amazon River : Bigger, Better, and Longer!


Source of thSource of the Amazon Rivere Amazon River : Image of the Day













Wouldn’t life be easier if we could rely on things not changing, just being static, same thing, day-in, day-out?

Sounds pretty lame if you ask me. However, textbook publishers would probably love it. Maybe not; that is after all how they make their money. Make a change, an edit, and now everyone has to by a new edition. Same thing with software. Want to write or read new file types, well, buy version 10 because is has all new enhancements we didn’t include in version 9 because we need a reason for you to buy version 10! And version 11 will be out in 6 months!

And now we have Brazilian team that has put to bed the question of which river is better, I mean bigger, I mean longer, as obviously the Amazon River has suffered from inadequacy issues stemming from the Nile River being longer …

Well, now the Amazon is not only the largest river system in the world, but also the longest river system in the world. Sorry, Nile 😦 I think the Nile is a more confident river system, though, and doesn’t need its ego stroked as much.

I think the Nile is feminine, anyway. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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