>The Geography of Crazy Sh*t

>I have to rant. I’m really getting wore-out on all of this garbage. People sitting back and doing nothing while child-rapists and child-murderers get state-sanctioning. Yes, I’m talking about you, Sudan, The Congo, and Somalia. I’m sick to freakin’ death of it all.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, we are victims of our own narcissism. This dipshit, Robert Fox, is paying $10,000 US to have Barack Obama’s bestselling book, Dreams from My Father, analyzed to see if it was really written by William Ayers, the guy that was over militant during the Civil Rights movement, bombing police stations, and what-not.

By the way, I did not slander Robert Fox, mentioned above. Anyone who flagrantly illustrates his or her idiocy qualifies as a “dipshit.”


Madmen are running loose, killing and raping children, and this California nutjob thinks someone ghostwrote Obama’s book. Who cares???

I am so damn tired of all of these jackasses who think Barack is Muslim (who cares???), thinks he is a socialist (who cares???), thinks he is a closet Arab (who cares???).

The Republican Party seems to be bastion of: 1-Racists, 2-Bigots, 3-Christian zealots and Fundamentalists, 3-Old men, 4-White men, 5-Rich men – who am I leaving out? The thing I don’t get is how they can sit around and be pro-Life and also be in favor of the right to bear arms (kills people) and also in favor of killing people in foreign lands. Seems to me that the natural position of Republicans would be pro-Choice: I choose to kill people in Country A but, well, the people in Country B are ok, I guess, so I choose to let them live.

They are all ‘fraidy cats, ‘cuz they can’t handle a true democracy, a democracy where, heaven forbid – literally – a Muslim might be President, or a Woman, or a Hispanic, or a Negro, or a Socialist, or a lesbian, or a gay man. Do Republicans even understand the nature of Democracy? I mean, really? Why can’t someone other than a rich, white, man run for President?

But I digress.

We sit around in our comfy little lives, eating our comfy little comfort foods, and watch comfy little people make comfy little cakes on our comfy little cable channels while some child gets her head bashed in by a bunch of cowards. And this happens day-after-miserable day in Africa.

Our government is culpable. We are the most powerful nation on the planet, by far. We can reach out and snuff out a life like blowing out a candle – unless it is Usama bin Laden, of course – we can invade not one but two countries all because two buildings in NYC get demolished. And our government sits by, lets state-sanctioned child-rapists and child-murders run loose. But, hey, there is no money in helping kids, no oil, no natural gas, no nothin’.

But, we can’t protect children in other countries from atrocities that occur in those countries because that would be “wrong … those are sovereign states … we can’t just waltz in there with guns ‘ablazin’ “

Oh, yeah? Who says?

By God, if I were President, I would put China on notice and tell them to quit screwing around in Sudan, and back us up, because the US is going to make the Janjaweed part of the history books, and the Sudanese government, as well. Or, at least stay the hell out of the way.

Then, we start blasting away at all the damn pirates off the coast of Somalia; like we had to do with the Barbary pirates of the coast of Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. We have to make piracy so very unattractive to them that farming looks like easy livin’. Once we have the coast under control, then we can work our way inland. We can then partner up with Ethiopia and whoever else wants to clean-up Somalia.

What would happen if our conscious led our Foreign Policy decisions? What kind of country would we live in? What kind of world would we live in?

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